Hanging Bug Zappers

Summertime…. and the living is easily spent swatting at the insects determined to interrupt those relaxing days in your hammock. Trade in that swatter for a tall cool glass of tea in one hand, and a hanging bug zapper very nearby, and begin your lazy hazy days of summer.

The easy going days will continue with the simplicity of choosing and installing your new bug zapper. Selecting the model of bug zapper that will fit your needs is as simple as determining the desired area of coverage. Whether your area is an intimate private deck or the party backyard for the neighborhood – there is a hanging bug zapper for you. The size and strength of the unit should equal the size and strength of your needs.

The first order of business when it comes to installing your bug zapper is location…location….location. You need to determine where the people at your party (small or large) will be most concentrated. It is best to install the bug zapper within close proximity to the crowd in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Whether you choose a tree limb, roof overhang or a stand alone pole, make sure the bug zapper is mounted or hung safely and securely using a strong rope or wire. If you are attaching it to your home – make sure that you do not let the power cord dangle loosely from the unit down to the power outlet.

If you are hanging your bug zapper from the limb of a tree in your yard – secure the cord to the tree trunk traveling all the way down to the ground. It will be best to make sure that you carefully bury the power cord, as it runs through the yard to your power source, in order to avoid entangling your guests, or your lawnmower.