How Bug Zappers Works

I remember running around the house trying to kill the house flies with a simple fly swatter. It was a pain to use so slow to kill something that was so small and fast. It seemed that after twenty tries of trying to kill it, I finally made contact. Other times I simply gave up in frustration.

Those days are gone and the fly swatter has been replaced by something more effective – bug zappers. These machines are designed to attract the bugs either inside or outside of your home and to simply zap or electrocute them and instantly kill them.

The bug zappers is made with a cylindrical frame with a fluorescent light bulb inside of it. The light bulb is usually either mercury, ultraviolet, or neon and is used to lure the insects to it. The inside has two wire mesh screens wrapped around the perimeter of it. A transformer is connected to the screens and runs 2,000 volts of electricity through it.

In between the electrified wires of the mesh screen are small gaps that is large enough for an insect. As the insect works its way through the gap it closes the circuit and the electricity will kill it instantly.

The exterior of the bug zapper is covered so that people and animals are not able to get close enough to the voltage and be electrocuted by it. The zapper has the ability to kill thousands of bugs in a single evening. This includes mosquitoes, houseflies, and moths.

In order for it to work effectively you must place it in an area outside and inside your home where it will do the most good. For the outside it is best to place it around the front or back porch. Inside of the home it is best to place it inside of the kitchen.