How To Fix Bug Zappers

Electric bug zappers are effective at keeping insects out of the home and out of the way when we are trying to grill outside without getting bitten all over. They use special technology that attracts the insects and than electrocutes them when they come inside of the lantern to reach the light.

Over time these can start to have problems. These problems can be minor and virtually unnoticeable or they could be so major that it makes it unable for us to use them. Luckily there are steps we can take to try to fix it without having to replace it.

First you need to unplug the electric bug zapper. It isn’t smart to mess with it when it is hot and possibly going to electrocute you.

Take out the bug catcher tray that is situated on the bottom. Be careful not to spill out the dead bugs all over.

Remove the screws that are set along the body of the unit. There should be between four to fix screws. Some are a bit harder to remove than others. It all depends on who made it. If so than you might want to consider replacing the screws with something new and easier to use.

Take off the top cap so that you can see the electrical parts inside. You need to use your screwdriver and put the tip of it over the capacitor terminals. Be careful! Your hand should only be touching the insulated part of the screwdriver so you are not shocked.

Vacuum out the debris that is inside of the bug zapper. Now look for a small circuit board that is on top of or near the starter. The starter is a small tube of clear glass. Cut the starter’s wire leads as close to the light bulb as you can. Throw the start away and bend the cut wires from the circuit board. Use the wire strippers to get rid of one quarter inch of insulation from the lead.

Now connect the new start to the two leads using barney clips. Plug the unit in and make sure that it lights up.

Unplug the unit again and discharge the capacitor again. Remove the barney clips and solder the new starter to the wire leads. Put the bug zapper back together and turn it on.