Make Your Own Bug Zapper

A bug zapper is an electrically charged insect control system that allows use to kill bugs around you. People will place these around the entrance to their home, where bugs are most likely to come in through the home. They might also place them on the picnic table to keep the mosquitoes away while trying to enjoy their dinner.

These work by using special lights that will attract the insects and an electrical charge that will zap them once they are inside. You can purchase these or you can try to make your own.

In order to attract the insects you need an ultraviolet light bulb. The mercury and neon vapor that they are made of are easier for insects to see than visible light. This is because many flowering plants use a coloration of ultraviolet. The light bulb will also give off heat which will attract some of the more annoying insects like mosquitoes.

A transformer is what you will use to increase the voltage that is given from the electrical outlet. You need it to be increased from 120 volts to around 2,000 volts if you want it to be effective.

Make the wires mesh grids around the light. Both of the two terminals of the electric circuit will be connected to the wire mesh. This mesh is separated by a couple of millimeters so that when the insect tries to fly through to reach the light they will finish the circuit and the electrical charge will be released.

You need a case to hold it all together. Anything plastic or metal that is electrically grounded will work and it can be in any shape you want. This casing will keep people from touching the electrical circuit.