Outdoor Bug Zappers

There are many different kinds of bug zappers out there for people to choose from when it comes to purchasing a bug zapper for either indoor, or outdoor use. Many people like to be comfortable outside, and enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors, without having bugs bother them. The outdoor bug zapper is the more traditional bug zapper because they are bigger and are usually more effective then the regular smaller bug zappers most people use these days.

An outdoor bug zapper can really be any kind of bug zapper you want that can be put outdoors. Many different name brand bug zappers like the solar-insect-zappers-1stinger bug zapper, and the sunbeam bug zappers have different outdoor products for you to choose from. Many people use the sunbeam bug zappers because their zappers are more portable, and smaller and can be used in tight area’s, and places where there is not much space available.

Most bug zappers that are used outdoors are plugged up to wall outlets that are outside, and then the electricity flows through the bug zapper, and charges the inner core of the zapper, so when bugs land on the inner core of the bug zapper they are zapped and killed.

Some of the more popular units are produced by Kenmore and Black & Decker. They design them to be both large and small to cover an outside patio or porch. Expect to pay between $10 to $50.

There are many places both online, or offline to purchase bug zappers. Many people like to deal with local businesses when they purchase things that are either going to be expensive, or going to play a key role in their personal environment. Many places around your local area, such as local department stores, or your local hardware store may carry what you are looking for. You just need to do some research either online or offline, and see which type would be right for you, and your home.