Portable Bug Zappers

When it comes to bug zappers, there are so many different kinds of zappers out there to choose from, it just depends on what you need for your home, and family when it comes to purchasing one. Many people have porches outdoors, where they like to sit outside, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air, or maybe spend time with their family. If you like doing this then you don’t want bugs all over you bothering you when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors with your family, and friends.

The portable bug zapper has a huge advantage to the more traditional solar-bug-eliminatorlarger bug zappers. The company Sunbeam has produced a portable bug zapper, that is not only small enough to hold in your hand, but also the bug zapper is rechargeable, so that you can use the zapper all throughout the day, and then put the bug zapper on the charger without having to waste countless dollars on batteries. Many people love this fact, but the best selling point in most cases is the portability of the bug zappers.

With the bigger, more effective bug zappers, they take up a lot more space then these portable bug zappers, but in addition to their size their effectiveness is also a lot better then the more portable bug zappers. The bigger bug zappers are usually powered by electricity, and they are plugged into either a outdoor, or inside wall outlet, and then the electricity is pulled through the wall outlet into the bug zapper, and the inner core of the zapper is charged so that when a bug lands on it, its zapped, and killed.

If your looking for a bug zapper, and you probably want something that is small, portable, and easy handled then you need to look into the portable bug zappers. Like said above, the sunbeam company has produced a great portable bug zapper, that is small enough to fit in your hand, but also powerful enough to keep you comfortable while you sit outdoors. Just do some research on the portable bug zappers, and look around your local stores to see if any local department, or hardware stores may carry what your looking for.