Sunbeam Bug Zapper

Just like when we talked about the stinger bug zapper, there is another name brand that is just as high on the list, its called the sunbeam bug zapper.  The sunbeam company has invented a new way to bring about a change to the regular hang down bug zappers. They design them to be both portable and rechargeable.

Many people use the candles that are made to repel bugs, and keep them away from grill outs – but the portable bug zappers are something that you can take with you. You can place these bug zappers on things like outdoor tables, were you would normally place a candle, turn them on, and let them keep the bugs from you. They are also rechargeable – which means that you can use it for a full day, put it on charge, and then use it the next day without having to change any batteries.

These bug zappers have a huge advantage to the more regular, bulky, hanging bug zappers. The regular bug zappers take up much space, and could potentially run up your electric bill as well. Although the big bug zappers are usually more effective when it comes to someone who wants space, and portability then the sunbeam bug zappers are the way you want to go. This is why the sunbeam company is right there, on the top of the list as well.

If your thinking about purchasing a sunbeam bug zapper, and you still dont know if its going to work for you, or not. Then you need to look into it more, and make sure your purchasing something that is right for you, and your family. Its always good to do more research about the product, before you make your final purchasing decision. The sunbeam bug zapper is a great addition to any home, where you go outside for awhile, and like to enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors.