What Bugs Does It Attract?

It is always fun to sit outside and barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs and have pool parties. Spending time in the fresh air with friends and family is a great way to spend the day. Most days though these plans are spoiled by the countless insects and bugs that swarm around us and try to eat us!

The best way to get rid of this nasty problems is to have a bug zapper situated outside near the front or back porch or on top of the table we are eating at. These are designed with special lights that attract the bugs. When they come too close to the light they fill will be electrocuted and die. As effective as these are they only take care of certain types of insects.


The mosquito is probably the most annoying insect that we have to deal with. Food and simple body spray can attract these creatures – which will bite us and leave behind large welts. Unfortunately the majority of these insects are not attracted by the UV lights used in a bug zapper. The best way to get rid of them is to apply bug repellant or to use a bug repellant candle made with a non toxic scent.


Flies are another annoying insect we have to deal with. They are attracted to food and seem to find their way inside of our home without us knowing how. Luckily these are attracted to the bug zapper and can be killed off quicker this way than by the swatter.


It is not uncommon for bees and wasps to build their large nests in the corners of our porch closest to the door. Using a zapper to get rid of these pests is easier than trying to spray insecticide on them. Once you are free of them you need to remember to use a broom to take down the nest.